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Welcome address of the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak

Dear participants!

For the first time in 60 years, the Russian Federation is hosting the International Coal Preparation Congress. For the coal industry, the Congress is an event of true international significance, and it is especially pleasant for me that it is held with the full support of the Ministry of Energy.

Coal industry is an exceptional sector for Russia. The significance of the XVIII International Coal Preparation Congress is confirmed by the establishing in the country of a National Organising Committee which includes the leaders of all major coal companies, and also representatives of scientific organizations and universities.

In 2014, the Ministry of Energy worked out and approved a strategic program for development of the coal industry up to 2030. The program is designed to meet the stable and reliable internal demands of Russia for coal and coal products, and solution of social problems, and it takes into account the development of the internal market due to advanced coal processing, coal chemistry products and the comprehensive use of coal.

The main goal of the Congress is to assist scientific and technological cooperation for the benefit of achieving progress in coal preparation and to find solutions of environmental issues, directly correlating with the strategic program of development of the coal industry, which once more underlines the importance of the Congress for our country.

I would like to point out that, according to the traditions of the Congress, an exhibition on coal preparation equipment will be held. This is a unique opportunity for all companies and organizations working in the mining sector to demonstrate their scientific and technical achievements, to strengthen existing business contacts, and to develop new ones.

I wish all the best to the participants of the Congress!



Welcome Address of the Chairman of the XVIII International Coal Preparation Congress Leonid Weisberg

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

In the last 15 years in Russia, there has been a rethinking of attitudes towards the coal industry. It was the primary branch industry in the Soviet Union and there was a ministry responsible for this, a number of research institutes, a developed infrastructure of specialized machine-building factories and research institutes. The situation at the end of the ХХ century changed. Liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons have significantly changed the raw materials structure of energy consumption in our country. For quite a long period of time, coal manufacturers have had certain difficulties.

It is pleasant to point out that now, the situation is changing substantially. In recent years, coal has steadily returned to the structure of energy consumption in Russia and the government focused attention to this, including support to research in coal treatment field. It’s worth mentioning that Russian scientists have achieved serious results in the areas of new kinds of treatment, diversification of the use of coal, that is, its use for obtaining new products, not only energy-related ones. It is probably this that will be the subject of discussions at the Congress, and we are impatiently waiting for this to happen in 2016.

We would very much like to listen to presentations about the situations in cities where residents do not have reason to fear coal generation, that they will breathe clean air, that we have a respected place in what is called ‘clean coal energy’, that we supply with new products those who work in high technologies and in particular that we can extract rare earth elements from the coal feedstock.



Welcome address of the Rector of the Mining University Vladimir Litvinenko

Dear Congress participants!

Changes in economic and market conditions of mineral raw materials in recent years have greatly increased demands on the efficiency of mining production. This is certainly true of the coal industry. World coal consumption is growing faster than other types of fuel and in the past year it exceeded 7.6 billion tons. Coal extraction and processing technology are continuously evolving, becoming more economical and environmentally friendly. "Clean coal" technology is becoming increasingly popular. Coal chemistry, production of new materials and pharmacology are now added to the traditional use areas – power industry and metallurgy. The leading role in the development of new areas of coal use belongs to preparation technology and advanced coal processing. Hi-tech modern technology and the increasing international demand for its effectiveness and efficiency put completely new goals for the University. Our main task is to develop a new generation of workforce capacity and research in line with global trends in the development of science and technology to address critical industry issues.

Today Russia, like the rest of the world faces rapid and profound changes affecting all spheres of life. The defining feature of modern era has been a rapid development of high technology, intellectual capital being its main asset and resource. The dynamics of scientific and technological development requires the activation of the University research activities. The University must be a generator of ideas to meet the needs of the economy and national development. Due to the high intellectual potential the University’s expert mission becomes more and more called for and is capable of providing professional assessment and building science-based predictions in various fields.

The coal industry, as well as the whole fuel and energy sector of the global economy is growing fast. Global multinational energy companies are less likely to be under state influence and will soon become the main mechanism for the rapid spread of technologies based on new knowledge. Mineral resources will have an even greater impact on the stability of the economies of many countries. Current progress in the technology of coal-based gas synthesis is not just a change in the traditional energy markets, but the emergence of new products of direct consumption, obtained from coal, such as synthetic fuels, chemicals and agrochemical products. All this requires a revision of the value of coal in the modern world economy.

I wish the Congress participants to work efficiently, take advantage of interesting professional communication, and explore the educational and scientific potential of the University with its architectural and historical complex, including the Mining Museum.